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Devold of Norway

Devold is a Norwegian company dealing with the production of wool thermo-linen. It has been operating on the market since 1853 when it was founded by Ole Andreas Devold in Ålesund. Such a long tradition is unparalleled in today's market - it is definitely the oldest woolen thermal underwear in the world. Devold offers underwear from the ultra-slim Breeze collection, suitable for warmer months and more leisurely activities, to the Expedition collection, suitable for winter-loving people and in very cold conditions. In the collection you will find suitable underwear for any activity, woolen sweaters with excellent thermal comfort. Among the accessories is a wide range of caps, gloves, multifunctional scarves and socks of different tips for various uses.
High quality materials, carefree workmanship, perfectly fitting cuts, unique new products - all of which are the benefits of Devold's 160-year-old products.
Whether you are heading for a few-week expedition, ski trip or a short walk, the Devold collection will find the right product for you.

Bergans of Norway

A Norwegian brand with an annual tradition founded in 1908 by the gifted inventor Ole Bergan and the merchant Sverre Young. They started producing backpacks, which are still the flagship of the brand, but their range has grown. No wonder when Bergans quality was successfully tested by Roald Amundsen at the capture of the South Pole of 1911.
Currently, the Bergans brand offers a complete range of clothing, sleeping bags, statues, backpacks, canoes and accessories. Bergans offers equipment suitable for skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking and urban fashion for everyday and leisure time. Products excel in their originality, functionality and practicality. The Bergans collection can satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Bergans is made from the finest materials available. As one of two brands in the world, Dermizax NX uses the most advanced membrane for its products. All materials are carefully tested for specific products and must meet strict criteria. Bergans owns patents for their products, and in their categories, products are unique worldwide (eg SPIN Backpack System, Ally Canoe).

Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is the synonym for a quality and nice sweater. Original Norwegian sweaters with traditional natural motifs have been produced in the Norwegian Valley of Dale since 1879. The material from which the sweaters are knitted is the natural new wave that is obtained from the Norway-based sheep and merino wool. In recent years, a sporting collection has been created to provide a tasteful merino wool thermopile, an insulating layer and unique three-layer Knitshell clothing that, like Weatherproof sweaters, are not wet and blooming. The current collection is divided into Tradition, Reworked, Fairytale, Outdoor and Sports. Dale also offers kids sweaters and a range of tasteful accessories (caps, scarves).

Dale of Norway was founded by Peter Jebsen in 1879, and for over 130 years he produced high quality knitwear. We are proud to be the largest manufacturer of classic and new Norwegian knitwear and technical headwear. Thanks to our global retailer network, our brand is available on all continents.

Dale is a small village in western Norway surrounded by towering mountains. Businessman Peter Jebsen saw the possibilities offered by the local waterfall on the Dale River. In 1879 he founded a textile mill, which was soon to become "Dale of Norway". Since 1879 until today it has been producing high quality products and is currently the largest producer of traditional Norwegian knits.

Kari Traa

Kari Traa is not only a triple absolute winner in freestyle skiing at the Olympics, but also a creator of a successful sporting brand. Kari was born and grew up in the town of Voss, which surrounds Norwegian fjords and mountains. Norwegian natural wealth inspired Kari not only in sports. Her talent has begun to show off in design and passion for creativity. Even at the top of her skiing career, Kari has found a way to develop her creativity. Instead of training and racing, Kari began to knit caps for friends who inhaled her own skiing sentiment and deployment. Her designs have become popular among friends and colleagues by skiers from all over the world, so the Kari Traa brand story could have begun. Even today, a rich collection of childhood memories in rugged Norse nature and affection for Scandinavian traditions are still the source of inspiration for Kari Traa's suggestions. Her models are known for female elements and cuts but are also made of functional materials. Suitable for girls who are engaged in sports activities.
Stormy clothing is designed for girls who refuse to stay home because of the ugly weather and let them ruin their day. - Technical, comfortable, feminine, fun and resistant to wind and water!
You can also find sports breeches, sweatshirts, socks, panties, bras and many accessories.
Very popular is the Butterfly collection - functional t-shirts, caps, capri pants and boxers suitable for active women and girls. Ideal whether you're going to aerobics, zumba, spinning, or just going to work. Choose the right activity for your clothes yourself.

Totally unique are Kari Traa bras. Brassieres are designed to provide maximum comfort in sport. The bras are reinforced, the whole bra is free-cut, made of quick-drying fabric and has the perfect fastening system. Thanks to a unique combination of two fabrics and a variety of directional elasticity, it prevents unpleasant bruising and thus excessive effort and strain. Even with no bra you have not enjoyed the comfort of sports and the opportunity to enjoy every activity at full speed.


Klättermusen is a Swedish company that produces outdoor clothing and equipment for customers with high demands on stamina and reliability. The company was founded by Petrom Askul in 1984. Klättermusen now has a retailer in 18 countries. The headquarters in Sweden Åre and its largest markets are Sweden, Germany and Norway. Great emphasis is put on work for the environment, including one percent of sales revenue being invested in environmental projects.

Klättermusen offers a wide range of clothing from the shirt to the expedition jacket. The backpacks are also suitable for a wide range of uses. The new collection will also have unique sleeping bags. The emphasis on making each product is its usefulness, usability and quality. For example, backpacks can be tailored to the activity you will use. Only high-quality materials are used for the products, many of them introduced Klättermusen on the market at all as the first brand. Prior to launch, products are tested 2-3 years for demanding use in Swedish nature.


Raw Bite

High energy bars made from organic raw materials only - 100% organic fruits and organic nuts. They contain no extenders (soy, oat flakes, rice, etc.), preservatives, dyes or artificial sweeteners, only natural fruit sugar. Sticks do not contain gluten nor lactose. Raw Bite will not dissolve in the heat and will not freeze in the winter because they do not contain extenders (ribbons).
Ideal for expeditions, trips to the mountains, or just for something to taste. You will certainly appreciate their delicious taste, which is more pronounced than other bars in the market. Raw Bites are available in these six flavors: apple and cinnamon, spicy lime, coconut, raw cocoa, cashew, vanilla and berries.

This piece of natural energy should not be missing in your backpack, let's go for a short walk or a few-day trip.


Located in the Nordfjord fjord in Innvik village near Stryn. An ideal place to learn natural patterns and apply them to outdoor clothing. Here, Skogstad produces functional clothing - waterproof, diaphragm and feather models for over 70 years. The company is the largest specialist in children's functional wear, but you can also find clothing for juniors and adults.

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